Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ka'iulani Project Experience

When starting on this journey (naively) in 2002, I thought all would go smoothly. Friends would support our efforts to learn about, and make public, the largely undocumented accomplishments of a young girl who lived in the last century. Why not? What could be simpler? What I expected? I was mistaken.

The journey since then, has been sometimes more rewarding, and other times, more disheartening than I could possibly have imagined.

I avoid discussing difficulties on this blog, and continue with the work, but today my friend Kathryn Dragas suggested that I do. Kathryn sees Ka'iulani as an inspiration for her soon to be baby girl. So, quite simply, I find the actions of some parties confusing. Talk of Ka'iulani and her accomplishments is striking such chords with some people - they find it offensive some way, to acknowledge Ka'iulani as a heroine. I hope that those who took offense at the mention of Ka'iulani's heroism, consider how they might feel if we disregarded their achievements after their passing.

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