Monday, September 28, 2009

Ka'iulani's Birthday - 'Barbarian Princess' to Premiere in Honolulu - Harsh Title? Yes

The controversial film about Princess Ka'iulani, shot in part at 'Iolani Palace, is going to be showcased Oct. 16 at the Hawaii International Film Festival.
I am surprised, but yes, after much debate, producers decided that it will be called "Barbarian Princess" in stark contrast to who she was. Many of us have been under the impression that a new title was in the works after the protests in April of last year. Because of much confusion, please let me be clear: this is a different film script from "Ka'iulani - The Island Rose" - a different production company altogether. Read about our Ka'iulani Project and her upcoming Birthday Festival - Lahaina Royal Ho'ike.
I can't comment on their script, as I haven't read it. However, I do believe that their point in using the word 'barbarian', is to illustrate just how wrong the American newspapers were back in 1893. The fact that Ka'iulani was referred to as a barbarian in newspapers (which she was), confirms the fact that the US was receiving incorrect information about both Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Ka'iulani. It was humiliating for Ka'iulani then, and it's agonizing for us today, to hear the word 'barbarian' in association with this beautiful soul. The point is, Ka'iulani was the antithesis of a barbarian - a "flower of civilization" with an education of the highest order - that is the point the film makers are trying to make.
Many people in Hawaii, however, are concerned that the ironic title will be too easily misunderstood, and that the world won't 'get it'.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Setting the Record Straight - Princess Ka'iulani Festival

Many people are under the impression that they will see a Ka'iulani Project Presentation at the upcoming festival in Maui. I have received emails from folks who believe we will be there. Apparently for the past year, our information was used on our friend's 'seeking sponsors page' for this years Princess Ka'iulani festival. Readers have asked us, if by sponsoring the upcoming festival, The Ka'iulani Project will receive funding through it.

Answers: There will not be a Ka'iulani Project Presentation at this year's festival. Organizers have chosen a different speaker, who is acclaimed in his own right. The Ka'iulani Project will not be there and will not receive funding through donations made to the Festival. I've been told that our information has now come off their website.

Enjoy the day, and let's ensure that good karma is maintained in any event that bears her name.

The next Ka'iulani Project will be in Kauai, November 8th, where we will be raising funds for Storybook Theatre of Hawaii, who is hosting the event. As always, an educational event recounting Ka'iulani's untold heroism and celebrating the friendship between her Hawaiian and Scottish cultures.

After the fact: Vendor, Hamish of Maui Celtic, said he will independently donate a portion of all sales to The Ka'iulani Project and our production of "Ka'iulani, The Island Rose". Hamish is the Scottish Ambassador for The Ka'iulani Project - he took Ka'iulani's story to Scotland earlier this year. He has also been asked to co-host The Princess Ka'iulani Festival.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Upcoming Newspaper article - Princess Ka'iulani's heroic story

We've been asked to write an article about Princess Ka'iulani and the Ka'iulani Project for a Canadian newspaper.
We ask you to be a part of voices from Hawaii - Let us know:

1. if and why you think Ka'iulani's voice is still important in Hawaii today

2. if (for you) the Ka'iulani Project or "Ka'iulani - The Island Rose" has shed a new light on who she was.

Any comments about Ka'iulani will be welcome.
Comments may be used in the article.

For the latest information on The Ka'iulani Project

Visit the website to see our
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ka'iulani aspired to he a model queen, with modern ideas...

Research continues; this interview of a friend of the Cleghorn family states the Princess's situation clearly. Colonel MacFarlane speaks about Ka'iulani's weak heart and strong convictions:

After being asked if Princess Ka'iulani's heart condition was hereditary:
"The heart weakness," said the colonel, slowly, "was the result of shock; the direct consequence of the blow that struck the young girl of scarce 19 when a cablegram announced that her promised kingdom had been wrenched away from her. It was utterly unanticipated and she never got over it. Till then she had taken little notice of the politics of the hour; all her energies had been concentrated on study, on qualifying for the queenly role she was to assume upon her aunt's demise.
She aspired to he a model queen, with modern ideas; to rule her people for their happiness, welfare and progress; to convert her small kingdom into a worthy little sister of the more advanced kingdoms of our day. Her whole life had been devoted to this end."