Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ka'iulani Project Experience

When starting on this journey (naively) in 2002, I thought all would go smoothly. Friends would support our efforts to learn about, and make public, the largely undocumented accomplishments of a young girl who lived in the last century. Why not? What could be simpler? What I expected? I was mistaken.

The journey since then, has been sometimes more rewarding, and other times, more disheartening than I could possibly have imagined.

I avoid discussing difficulties on this blog, and continue with the work, but today my friend Kathryn Dragas suggested that I do. Kathryn sees Ka'iulani as an inspiration for her soon to be baby girl. So, quite simply, I find the actions of some parties confusing. Talk of Ka'iulani and her accomplishments is striking such chords with some people - they find it offensive some way, to acknowledge Ka'iulani as a heroine. I hope that those who took offense at the mention of Ka'iulani's heroism, consider how they might feel if we disregarded their achievements after their passing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kawaiaha'o remains of Hawaiian Ali'i

In response to Ka Wai Ola article by Liza Simon - Decision clears way for Kawaiaha'o lawsuit

"...Kawānanakoa's lawsuit also asks that construction of the church's new hall be stopped..
69 sets of human skeletal remains were unearthed earlier this year during sewer line trenching for the church project...desecrated the graves of her ali'i ancestors during the construction of a new multipurpose center on the church's property in downtown Honolulu...
"We are first and foremost Christians and this building project is essential for our mission in the 21st century...The money we had to even start the project was made possible by Kahu Akaka," he said, referring to the late Rev. Abraham Akaka, who served as pastor of historic Kawaiaha'o Church for three decades. "We are trying to carry on the legacy of being a place of worship in downtown Honolulu."..."

Is There Really Any Question that this is a Burial Ground? And what about a solution - would it be acceptable to construct a mausoleum on site?

Friday, October 16, 2009

What We Did on Her Birthday

After receiving an email and phone call about a recent newspaper article about Ka'iulani - close friends who thought The Ka'iulani Project might have an opinion - This was sent in.
In response to October 15th Maui Time article about Ka'iulani

I thank Maui Time for writing about Princess Ka'iulani. Although the facts in the article are true, I hope in future articles about her life, that we also hear about her drive and commitment to set the record straight in America. Ka'iulani was not the weak withering flower as she has often been thought of. Ka'iulani's childhood was comprised of swimming far out into the breakers of Waikiki, surfing for hours on end, and studying the ancient martial arts of Lua.

Re: "(To be fair, journalists and cartoonists of the day could not have easily anticipated the poise and enchantment of Ka'iulani)", The journalists were describing Hawaiian royals as "barbarians" and "ignorant children unable to rule themselves". Where do you suppose this information came from - it did come from somewhere. I don't believe in being fair to people who print or supply, information that is libel. I believe it's important to speak of Ka'iulani's achievement loudly and proudly. She achieved a great thing. By traveling to America and facing these lies head on, she forever changed the world's view of the Hawaiian people. She wasn't strong enough at the end, however, to take on these arrogant men who helped themselves to her future.
More information about Ka'iulani:
Aloha nui, Jennifer

Happy Birthday Ka'iulani

The Princess Ka'iulani Project
Celebrating the Life of Hawaiian Crown Princess
Victoria Kawekiu I Lunalilo Kalaninuiahilapalapa Ka‘iulani Cleghorn

On her birthday, October 16th 1875, the Hawaiian Nation celebrated. The city of Honolulu was alive with the sound of church bells ringing, to celebrate her royal birth as the highest born alii of her generation.

Our goal is to raise awareness of existing works about Ka'iulani, and encourage more. Please email your website or publication in order to set up links to and from The Ka'iulani Project website. We encourage communication between those who research the life of the princess.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Storybook Theatre of Hawaii & The Princess Ka'iulani Project - In Kauai

The Ka'iulani Project raises funds for Storybook Theatre of Hawaii on Sunday, November 8th.
Mark Jeffers, Executive Director of Storybook Theatre hosts The Ka'iulani Project from Maui, to present an afternoon of Hawaiian and Scottish Music, History and Theatre - A Celebration of Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn. About the Ka'iulani Project, Mark says, "I am happy that you have undertaken this mission of communicating the story of PK throughout your travels. She was so well loved and admired in her lifetime and yes, her story has not been told very much. Few children in Hawaii schools know about her."
For the past five years, Mark and Storybook Theatre have honored Princess Ka'iulani by portraying her in their Kauai Keiki Story Festival. Last year, she rode into the event on horseback, and led a children's parade through town. Storybook is now in the process of picking their Ka'iulani for this year's activities.
The girl who is chosen, will take part in the Ka'iulani Project Presentation with Ka'iulani advocate and researcher, Jennifer Fahrni. Anyone interested in being part of the upcoming theatre production, "Ka'iulani, The Island Rose" are encouraged to attend the presentation. If you will be in Kauai and would like to take part in the presentaion, please notify Storybook Theatre of Hawaii. More information to come.
Storybook Theatre of Hawaii
3814 Hanapepe Rd.
PO Box 820
Hanapepe, HI 96716
Phone: (808) 335-0712

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spreading the Word

I am happy when friends quote the words of The Ka'iulani Project. In fact has been our goal to educate friends and be generous with research and information, as well as sharing future plans and goals, so that others may decide to join our efforts and spread the word. When you do, it helps us if you add some kind of reference.