Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kawaiaha'o remains of Hawaiian Ali'i

In response to Ka Wai Ola article by Liza Simon - Decision clears way for Kawaiaha'o lawsuit

"...Kawānanakoa's lawsuit also asks that construction of the church's new hall be stopped..
69 sets of human skeletal remains were unearthed earlier this year during sewer line trenching for the church project...desecrated the graves of her ali'i ancestors during the construction of a new multipurpose center on the church's property in downtown Honolulu...
"We are first and foremost Christians and this building project is essential for our mission in the 21st century...The money we had to even start the project was made possible by Kahu Akaka," he said, referring to the late Rev. Abraham Akaka, who served as pastor of historic Kawaiaha'o Church for three decades. "We are trying to carry on the legacy of being a place of worship in downtown Honolulu."..."

Is There Really Any Question that this is a Burial Ground? And what about a solution - would it be acceptable to construct a mausoleum on site?

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