Friday, October 16, 2009

What We Did on Her Birthday

After receiving an email and phone call about a recent newspaper article about Ka'iulani - close friends who thought The Ka'iulani Project might have an opinion - This was sent in.
In response to October 15th Maui Time article about Ka'iulani

I thank Maui Time for writing about Princess Ka'iulani. Although the facts in the article are true, I hope in future articles about her life, that we also hear about her drive and commitment to set the record straight in America. Ka'iulani was not the weak withering flower as she has often been thought of. Ka'iulani's childhood was comprised of swimming far out into the breakers of Waikiki, surfing for hours on end, and studying the ancient martial arts of Lua.

Re: "(To be fair, journalists and cartoonists of the day could not have easily anticipated the poise and enchantment of Ka'iulani)", The journalists were describing Hawaiian royals as "barbarians" and "ignorant children unable to rule themselves". Where do you suppose this information came from - it did come from somewhere. I don't believe in being fair to people who print or supply, information that is libel. I believe it's important to speak of Ka'iulani's achievement loudly and proudly. She achieved a great thing. By traveling to America and facing these lies head on, she forever changed the world's view of the Hawaiian people. She wasn't strong enough at the end, however, to take on these arrogant men who helped themselves to her future.
More information about Ka'iulani:
Aloha nui, Jennifer

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