Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long Term Goals for the Project

Aside from the goal of bringing Ka'iulani's life story to the stage and screen, the goal of the project has been to bring Princess Ka'iulani back into the minds of young people today. In 2002, we started by contacting the Hawaiian organizations in Oahu to aid in our research. These include Daughters of Hawaii, The Hawaiian Historical Society, Hawaii State Archives at Iolani Palace, and The Hawaiian Collection at UH Manoa Library, among others. The Maui Academy of Performing Arts was part of the plans from an early date in 2003.

The reason we shelved three years of work on a film script, was because we felt it was important that Hawaii and Hawaiians be part of bringing this production to fruition. The only way to ensure that, was to write a stage production that would be cast and premiered in Hawaii.
After years of informal dialogues teaching friends the importance of this young Hawaiian, many joined us in the formal presentation of the script to the Island of Maui.

The film project will be resumed after the premiere of the stage production.

We would like to see Ka'iulani's name and inspirational life aid those whom she cared for and was trying to protect. The young people of Hawaii.

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