Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kaiulani Honoring Her Mother

Although she had to overcome many personal tragedies, Ka‘iulani in fact led a life of love and music. She was witty, had a wonderful sense of humor, and a great friends. There is also a possibility that Ka'iulani influenced surfing in the English Channel at Brighton. This is the real Ka'iulani that is much more interesting to remember.
There are few accounts of Ka‘iulani's affect on the US – and her fight for her nation. But we owe it to her to remember that story.

Honoring the musical spirit of Likelike, Ka'iulani and Annie often performed at receptions as they did for Mrs. Dewar, wife of the owner and Captain of the yacht, Nyanza in January of 1889. Annie sang a solo, "Constancy", and two duets, "The Gypsy Countess" and "Pua Hei", with their friend Miss Widemann. At the same large reception on the ship Nyanza, H. R. H. Princess Ka'iulani, Miss Cleghorn and Miss Widemann performed an ukulele trio.

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