Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help Ka'iulani's Belongings go to a Hawaiian Institution

At the end of February, there will be a sale of some of Princess Ka'iulani's personal belongings in Honolulu. Evaluation of these items is, we imagine, very difficult. It would be our guess that the items are more valuable than people might expect. It would be wonderful if these items could find their way to Bishop Museum or another Hawaiian institution, so that the items receive the care and restoration they my need.

It is too much to ask an individual to donate historical items, however, a wealthy organization (eg. a bank, airline or manufacturer)could purchase the items and donate to the museum in their own name, thus aiding the individual, and the community, while also receiving an income tax receipt. Sorry to sound crass, but this method has been successful for many Museums in acquiring important artifacts. It has also proven successful in increasing the community appreciation for an organization.

For the opening of "Ka'iulani - The Island Rose", which we hope to be next year, we will be organizing several events. We hope to co-ordinate a show with Bishop Museum, of items from Princess Ka'iulani and the Royal Family to be shown at the same time as the opening of "Ka'iulani - The Island Rose".

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