Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kristin Zambucka and the Bronze plaque

For anyone who is interested in Ka'iulani, one of the first books you should pick up is Princess Ka'iulani of Hawai'i, The Monarchy's Last Hope, written by Kristin Zambucka. Today Kristin sent me a lovely email in support of the Project and mentioned the bronze plaque she designed and had erected on the spot of Ainahau (Ka'iulani's
home) in Waikiki.
A state funded building for low rental apartments was to be built on the site of Ka'iulani's family home, but when Kristin pointed out to the developers that there should be some marker
for this special spot, they donated a concrete stand for the plaque, and a small park to surround it on the Ala Wai. Kristin checked out old maps of the day to verify her suspicions that this construction site was also the site of the home of Princess Ka'iulani and her family.

Until she pointed out the importance of this spot to the developers, it was intended to be a parking lot. Thanks to the cooperation of the developers, the plaque now stands as closely as possible to the spot where the house stood - and as for the State owned building, which was to be named Tusitala Vista after Robert Louis Stevenson, it is now called Ainahau Vista.
Isn't it good to know that some developers are willing to rethink their plans for issues like these? Warm aloha to you as well Kristin, and congratulations for saving this important location. Mahalo to Mark E. McKenzie of Abilene, Texas who sent in the photos.


  1. I was in Waikiki recently and visited the marker and the small park. The security guard for the Ainahau Vista unlocked the gate and let me take pictures of the area. The guard said a mound in the corner of the park was a burial area for bones discovered during construction in the area. What a great thing to have a very small part of Ainahau preserved and not covered by concrete or a building. Kudos to Kristin Zambucka for doing this to honor Princess Kaiulani and her home.

    Mark E. McKenzie
    Abilene, Tx

  2. Aloha Mark,
    I received the photos you sent -it was very thoughtful. Would you mind if I posted one or two on the website or Ka'iulani Project Facebook page?
    I second your sentiment - Kudos to Kristin.

    Many thanks again, Jennifer Fahrni

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