Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keep on trucking

When producing any project, but certainly a project like this, there are highs and lows. Last night was a low. There will be another delay in the production because of a lack of funding. The times of the day with financial ruin all around us, must push us forward. Instead of giving up, we must become even more creative. We will continue to tell her story.

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  1. Aloha kaua -
    Am so sorry to hear about the "low"...these are truly difficult times, even more so for the ever-challenged arts. Still, while the core theatrical project may take more time to realize fully, you have already accomplished some important goals in the service of Ka'iulani's spirit - one being the establishment of this website. Such a meetingplace for those seeking to honor Ka'iulani after a truly pono fashion has been needed for a long time.
    e malama pono -