Sunday, September 13, 2009

Setting the Record Straight - Princess Ka'iulani Festival

Many people are under the impression that they will see a Ka'iulani Project Presentation at the upcoming festival in Maui. I have received emails from folks who believe we will be there. Apparently for the past year, our information was used on our friend's 'seeking sponsors page' for this years Princess Ka'iulani festival. Readers have asked us, if by sponsoring the upcoming festival, The Ka'iulani Project will receive funding through it.

Answers: There will not be a Ka'iulani Project Presentation at this year's festival. Organizers have chosen a different speaker, who is acclaimed in his own right. The Ka'iulani Project will not be there and will not receive funding through donations made to the Festival. I've been told that our information has now come off their website.

Enjoy the day, and let's ensure that good karma is maintained in any event that bears her name.

The next Ka'iulani Project will be in Kauai, November 8th, where we will be raising funds for Storybook Theatre of Hawaii, who is hosting the event. As always, an educational event recounting Ka'iulani's untold heroism and celebrating the friendship between her Hawaiian and Scottish cultures.

After the fact: Vendor, Hamish of Maui Celtic, said he will independently donate a portion of all sales to The Ka'iulani Project and our production of "Ka'iulani, The Island Rose". Hamish is the Scottish Ambassador for The Ka'iulani Project - he took Ka'iulani's story to Scotland earlier this year. He has also been asked to co-host The Princess Ka'iulani Festival.

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