Monday, August 3, 2009

Princess Ka'iulani in Scotland

As Scottish Ambassador for The Princess Ka’iulani Project, Hamish Burgess took the story of Hawaii’s most beloved Hawaii/Scot, Princess Victoria Ka'iulani Cleghorn back to her father’s (Archibald Scot Cleghorn) homeland. Hamish was asked to speak about the Princess and the Hawaii/Scotland connection when he was a featured guest on both Liz Clark’s show “Travels with your Auntie” on Celtic Music Radio Scotland, and on Archie Fisher’s Traveling Folk on BBC Scotland, both in Glasgow. To hear BBC Scotland show, go to Link and click "listen now' - available until August 6th, 2009. For Hamish's segment go 37 minutes into the show.

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  1. Thank you for taking our Princess Ka'ilani's story back to her father's homeland.